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March 2015
Brian Day's Web site is updated with new content and document samples.

I am available to entertain employment opportunities. Download my resume here.

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Here a few samples of my work with various companies as a Technical Communicator and Project Specialist. It is curious to observe, styles, format, process, technology, and language evolve throughout the years. The material presented shows exactly how the documents were prepared at that time.

Want to see more samples?

I would be delighted to show additional documentation samples, however most of them are in hard copy format due to proprietary content and source format (MS Word, Framemaker, Visio, HTML). For these instances, a screen capture or PDF file is provided.

As a professional courtesy, please respect the proprietary and confidential nature of the samples shown on this page. I have taken great strides in building a solid rapport with each company presented herein. With this foundation of trust, I have received permissions from each former company to show these samples in my portfolio.

Please note, I may have hard copies of documents that may better represent what you may need in a Technical Writer. A face-to-face interview would be better suited to help showcase my writing samples.

The samples show internal process documentation, intranet web development, user guides, flow charting, IT infrastructure, web development, disaster recovery, and business continuity.

After your review, kindly give me the opportunity to show you the rest of my skills with a formal interview.

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Infrastructure & Architecture
IT Grid User Guide
IT Grid (Application Inventory System)
Architecture Diagram
System Architecture
Application Design

Business Continuity
Power Outage Shutdown & Recovery
Emergency Power Outage Procedures


Quick Reference Guides
Scanning Quick Start Guide
Thin Client User Guide

Infrastructure Taxonomy (SOx Compliance)
3rd Party Applications (Excel)
Channel Management (Excel)
3rd Party Application Diagram
System Interface Diagram
IT Interface Diagram
Servicing Interface Diagram
Enterprise Application Process Guide

Patch Management
Patch Management Guide
Patch Management Intranet Site

Internal Web Site
Account Executive Web Site (
Broker Web Site (
Patch Management Intranet Web Site


Data Sheet
Mixed Signal Device for GSM and GPRS Devices



Data Sheet
Host Controller Interface API
Embedded SDK User's Guide


User Guides
Orinoco USB Client Setup Instructions

Quick Reference Card
SP500 Server Quick Guide (Front)
SP500 Server Quick Guide (Back)

Computer Manuals
Solo9500 User's Guide

User Guide
Supply Chain Intelligence (Chapter 2)
Supply Chain Intelligence (Chapter 3)

Data Sheet
Single Chip Engine Device Set
V.34/Group 3 Fax Modem Family

Firmware Specifications
MFC100 Features Guide

Online Help
Brother MFC Control Panel
Brother MFC Driver


User Guides
Hard copy only

CD ROM Instructions
Hard copy only


Maintenance Manuals
Hard Copy only


Manufacturing Training

Automated System for Valve Testing


Digisurfer Demo


Web Design (Link) (LInk) (Link)


Please respect the copyrights of myself and the respective companies presented herein.